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Our office has a department of producing events and conferences, specializing in producing events in a variety of fields:

  Corporate events 

Large events for workers’ committees and hi-tech companies.

Launches .

Sports events



Our office accompanies the entire event from the initial planning stages through implementation in the field, during and after the event.

Throughout the event, we emphasize the last detail, go down to the lowest resolutions and detail, and answer all the customer’s demands. We have fruitful and fruitful working relationships with the best suppliers in various fields: halls and event gardens, artists, amplification and lighting services, stages, design, catering, bar services, music and a variety of attractions.

We employ a professional and experienced team of professionals who emphasize the smallest details and will do everything possible to make the event successful, effective and memorable.

We will establish a steering and thinking team composed of representatives of the organization and our representatives in order to provide the best response to the full success of the event..

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